Age Old Secrets to Glowing Healthy Skin

I'm very fortunate that a mother who believed in the power of natural living raised me. My mama had a tea, a plant, and oil for every human condition it seemed. For bruises and cuts, she broke off pieces of our Aloe Vera plants in our home and rubbed it on my little "boo-boos". If we sneezed, we'd spend the next two days, drinking green tea. We never caught viruses like the flu from school because as the seasoned changed she gave us preventative tea to boost our immune system. Some of her concoctions came from her personal research, but others originated with my Indian grandmother who believed that if eggshell tea or a root couldn’t cure you, God meant for you to die.

Mama’s home remedies were preferred because they were cost effective and superior to pharmaceutical medicine because they healed or revived more than their target. They also never created new issues or side effects like so many other medicines are prone to initiating. The same was true for our skin care regiment. Her way was simplistic but powerful in its ability to keep our skin vital. Since leaving home, I’ve increased in my knowledge of healthy eating and home remedies but for skin care, I haven’t discovered any other method that works better than hers. So for almost 40 years, my skin has retained it glow, clarity, and elasticity.

Her skin care advice is so reliable, that as a teen I was able to escape the puberty induced pimple years that most of my friends had endured. Once I entered my thirties, other women's reactions to my skin were responsible for teaching me that my skin was extraordinary. Their questions motivated me to gain understanding in an effort to provide answers.

The Bible teaches that if we train up a child in the way that they should go they will not depart from their foundation. This has been the truth for my life. Since I was raised to reach for natural remedies, I’ve sought to be as holistic as possible in every area of my life. So, when it comes to my skin, everything is all natural. I use and drink water, I sweat daily, I eat good clean food, and once a week I deep clean and moisturize my face with ingredients out of my kitchen. Let me explain.

Water is the Key!

Water is the main ingredient to healthy skin that glows and revitalizes itself. Our bodies are more than 80% water; therefore it needs a constant supply of water to replenish itself in orderto function at its peak. We’ve all heard that our bodies are designed to heal themselves but did you know that water is the vehicle that makes this process possible. If your body is stuck using its daily reserves, it doesn’t have the extra it needs to restore and revitalize itself. This deficiency shows up on our faces, first.

I drink well over a gallon of water a day to help my body function at its peak. On a great day, I drink about a liter of water every two hours. Water is so healing that its benefits don’t end there. The cleansing power of water works externally too. Therefore, I wash my face twice a day with water. Using just lukewarm water I use my hands to rub my face as if soap were present. After a thorough rubbing to remove excess oils, dead skin, and any dirt I then rinse my face with cold water. The lukewarm water opens my pores to allow for dirt to be easily washed away while the cold water closes my pores. Once a week, usually Saturday morning depending on the season, I'll do an Epsom salt and coconut oil scrub, an egg and avocado mask, or a baking soda and witch hazel mask. I never use soap on my face...never! I use witch hazel and coconut oil to remove makeup at the end of the day and then I wash my face with water.

Sweating Removes Waste!

Most people are shocked when I tell them I don’t use soap on my face. I’m shocked they do! Honestly, my face never gets dirty enough to require the harshness of even the mildest soap. In addition to that most of my real dirt, which is the toxins and waste left over from foods with grease and sugar, are released when I sweat. A good sweat is the other form of water that keeps my skin healthy. It is also the key to avoiding pimples, retaining a healthy glow, and your youthful elasticity. I sweat through daily exercise and/or the steam room or sauna at least 30 to 40 minutes a day. The side benefit to the steam room and sauna is for every 15 minutes I burn about 300 calories.

Eat Clean Food

We all know it - we are what we eat. To take it a step further, your face is a reflection of what you eat. I can look at my son’s face and know if he had sugar while at school or too much cheese with causes congestion by the location of the pimple on his face. Our faces are a road map to our health. For example, bumps on your forehead point to intestinal issues, while bumps on your cheeks point to liver congestion. The all too common chin bump is related to our kidneys; it normally means we haven’t drunk enough water. The other tell-tell signs are greasy skin, which means greasy foods…or blotchy skin, which means too much acidic food like soda. Finally dead looking skin is usually a sign of too much sugar, not enough rest, and loads of dead food. Dead food is usually anything that comes in a bag, box, or flesh.

Exfoliate and Moisturize Weekly

Lastly, once a week, usually Saturday morning, I exfoliate and moisturize my face. In the wintertime, since it can be drying – and I don’t sweat as much – I mix egg and avocado or sometimes just avocado and oatmeal and make a mask for my face. It restores the moisture and pulls away any dead skin. In the fall, I love to use coconut oil and Epsom salt to scrub my face.It’s amazing and makes my skin feel extremely soft and moist. In the summer time, I use witch hazel and baking soda. The witch hazel tightens, remove excess oil from the hot sweaty weather and the baking soda pulls out toxins. I follow this with shea butter or coconut oil.

I’ve worked this regiment since I was old enough to wash my own face and even I am amazed at my face. Whether I’m 20lbs lighter or heavier, my face retains its glow. The thing I love the most about my facial regiment, is that in the ten years my family traveled the world, I didn’t have to worry about finding products. I thank God for that.

Most women desire a healthy glowing face or at least a face they can be proud of even without makeup. If that’s you, I encourage you to try water for a month. Put down your normal routine; drink at least a gallon of water daily. I usually add lemon to my water because it raises the ph. levels of the water, which is an entirely different article. Simply put, if your ph. levels are high enough in your body, neither sickness nor disease can take hold of you. It’s a scientific fact. So,I add lemon to all of my water, even at restaurants.

Next, I’d eat more live clean foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and teas. I do eat flesh but its mostly fish. Also, nature has provided us with a tea and herb for every health condition. Add them to your diet. Google is a great starting place to learn about herbs and teas. Herbs andteas are like most other foods. I love some of them but some are disgusting. It’s all about your personal preference. My mama gave us a teaspoon of sulfur to keep away bugs. I always hatedthe taste so my family and I use tea tree oil applied directly to our skin.

In addition, if you take medicine, which can be very harmful to your skin, I’d consider slowly replacing your pharmaceuticals with natural remedies. Of course, for serious conditions, consult your doctor to assist you in the transition.

Finally, be gentle with your skin. Even the mildest soap is often unnecessary for daily use unless you really get dirty. So try water as a cleanser and experiment with natural ingredients based on your skin needs. My skin is a combination of dry and slightly oily (primarily on my forehead and nose), so my masks and scrubs address my specific face. One thing for sure, if you try it for a month, you’ll love the results! Your face will glow, you’llsave money on skin care products, and your body will thank you with increased energy and vitality.

Be blessed!


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