Tiny Tweaks Along the Journey Are Vital

Years ago, my husband became very interested in learning to fly. As a result of his interest, I learned a great deal about planes from him. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned is that planes are flown through consistent minor adjustments from its navigational system. The system is two fold. The pilot receives information from the air traffic controller and the cock pit instruments.

In order to fly from Austin to New York, the pilot consistently makes minor tweaks in navigation the entire flight. These small but necessary adjustments can make the difference between arriving in New York safely or crashing in Florida.

Isn’t this similar to the journey of life? We have the written and spoken Word of God as our guiding system and our dreams as our destination. Even still, without minor tweaks along the way, we could end up crashing somewhere we didn’t plan.

The fastest way to fulifll our God given dreams and purposes is to allow Him and His Word to be our moment by moment guidance through life. Practically, this means, seeking God's direction (Psalms 119) through prayer and then waiting for His clear direction. Don't lean to your own understanding, simply wait and be open for his answer.

While waiting, spend time studing your bible daily and moving forward in doing the truths found within. Finally, and most importantly, when you do receive instructions, obey. What good is a good navigational system if its not followed?

Peace to You!

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