About Kennisha

Kennisha Moffett is a Life and Relationship Coach to a wide range of  leading individuals from parents to Fortune 500 executives. She believes that every individual experiences at least five major life transitions, in addition to the unexpected challenges that arise in the pursuit of excellence. Her speciality is working with leaders who tend to be very private and uncomfortable with leading from a place of personal transparency. With Kennisha's help, these individuals gain clarity, wisdom, strength, and most of all the space to share their truth, without judgement. She's an expert at helping her clients tap into their well of fresh ideas and solutions.  Her coaching style is warm, relational, and honest. She listens intently, asks many questions, and offers wisdom in a very direct manner. Her client retention rate is over 90% because her clients always feel safe and loved.  

Kennisha is Certified Life & Relationship Coach with ministry training and fifteen years of working knowledge in Solution Focused Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Relationship Restoration Skills, and Strategic Prayer. She is a graduate of Baylor University and an ordained minister. 

Kennisha Moffett is also the co-Founder/Sr. Leader of Restoring God's Family Ministry (RGF), the Citywide Prayer Coordinator for Austin Bridge Builders Alliance, and teaches a Relationship class at Agape Pregnancy Center. She authored four books. Her most recent book release was "Becoming One Daily: 50 Days of Personal Prayers for Walking in Victory".

Kennisha and her Husband, live in Austin, TX. They are the proud parents of two adult children. 

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